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Frequently Asked Questions

The services we offer currently not covered by Provincial or Federal Health Care Systems.

We offer many variety of services if one does not work for you may be another service will. But we strongly recommend to follow pre and post treatment guidelines. There could be times when may not any of the service may work for you due to unhealthy life style or practices. Hence we can not guarantee the result will always satisfy your demand.

We practice widely renown treatments which have been standard procedures in beauty industries. But we understand everybody is different. We recommend to follow pre and post porcedures after treatments. Even after you follow all measurements if outcome does not fullfil your expectation, we do not provide money back with any circumstances.

We offer free consultation services. So please visit us to know which facial is right for you. We will examine and check your skin tone or any aging marks or any other outcome before take you for any treatment.

When you come for laser hair removal you have to make up your mind that you want to get rid off unwanted hair growth. So by doing this treatment you may never get hair growth in certain treating area. Also you may get burn marks which naturally fades away unless you keep scratching the treating area. There is other trms and conditions realted to this services so please consult us before procedures.

Cellulite did not appeared in your body in a day or two so treatment will not magically reduce it in 30 minutes. You may need to come several times to get desire result.